If you are a gamer, music lover or you are into Netflix binges, you understand that sound is very crucial to the overall entertainment experience. So, what’s the best solution for your entertainment. Is it a surround system such as a home theatre or headphones?

The Argument for Home Theatres

Home theatres are designed to offer premium sound. Most home theatres, especially 5.1 channel and 7.1 channel models can recreate the actual sound in movie scenes or those epic battles in the AAA FPS titles. When it comes to performance, home theatres guarantee premium sound, not unless you are buying the top drawer headphones that cost well over £1,000. Another advantage of a surround system is that you don’t get distracted from your surroundings. They are not as immersive as headphones.

The Argument for Headphones

Headphones may be bulky, but they are versatile. You can tag along with them when watching YouTube videos outdoors. But this is not the case with home theatres. Another advantage of headphones is that there are many types out there, each designed for the specific user. You can find gaming headphones optimised for gamers, headphones for music lovers and even movie enthusiasts.

So, What Next?

If you are a movie or music enthusiast, you don’t require as much immersion. So a home theatre will be the best deal. With home theatres, you also get top-level performance. But for gamers, headphones are the best because they offer excellent sound performance, and importantly, immersion. Importantly, headphones come in handy in games that require team communication. They come with dedicated microphones for clear communication.

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