One of the common questions car owners ask is, how much does it cost to install a premium car music system? There is no definite answer to this question as it all depends on the quality of sound you want. In this article, find out what determines the cost of installing a car music system.

The Components

There are several components needed for car music installation. These include the head unit, amplifier, speakers, cables, equaliser, crossover, and power supply unit.

For a basic car music system, the head unit, and speakers are a must. These components will set you back around £200 to £300 on average, depending on the brand, and features of each component.

But if you want powerful car music, you will need to invest in an amplifier, crossover, and equaliser alongside the head unit and speakers. For such a set-up, you need a budget of around £500.


Besides the components, there are installation costs that vary depending on where you are having the system installed. On average, professional car music installers charge anything between £50 to £100. Of course, the charges are dependent on the music system itself. If you have more components, that means higher installation charges.

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