When shopping for car speakers, you will find 2-way speakers or 3-way speakers. As a buyer, these two terms might be very confusing, but this article explains everything you need to know about the two types of car speakers.

What are 2-Way Speakers?

2-way speakers have two drivers, each for the two speakers. The first is a woofer cone, a full range speaker. The other one is a smaller high-frequency speaker, also known as a tweeter. Since they split sound into two frequencies, they are dubbed 2-way speakers.

What are 3-Way Speakers?

On the other hand, 3-way speakers have 3 speakers, hence the name, 3-way. These car speakers integrate one large woofer cone and two tweeters. The tweeters are mounted coaxially side-by-side over the larger woofer cone.

There you have it, folks, a simple explanation of the differences between 2-way vs 3-way car speakers.

So, what’s the best bang for the buck?

There is a major misconception that 3-way speakers are the best because they come with 3 speakers, but the truth of the matter is that there are some 2-way speakers that offer better performance than other 3-way speakers. The elephant in the room is the quality of the speakers.

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